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GRID is a trusted partner of some of the biggest names in game development and esports.

We put rights holders first by only handling officially licensed data assets.

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From equipping you with a complete tech infrastructure to building a unique game data strategy for your title or product, we are your ultimate in-game data partner.

We transform raw in-game events into GRID Data ready to power your ecosystem.

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GRID Solutions

Discover the GRID Data Platform and unlock the value of your in-game data.

Game Developer Solutions

Bolster your game with a robust in-game data infrastructure and eliminate the massive development cost.

Discover the GRID Data Portals to unlock new monetization channels, improve accessibility, innovation, and empower your community with access to in-game data.

Esports Solutions

Set up your new esports scene or empower the existing one.

Leverage the in-game data-powered tournament tooling, visualizations, and infrastructure to support the operation, integrity, and monetization of your tournaments.

Data Consumer Solutions

Access official, high-quality, granular in-game data and video to power your business.

Updated live as the action unfolds and available after a game concludes. GRID data comes only from official sources, is title-agnostic and designed for simple integration that scales for even the most complex use cases.

Are you an independent creator, an early stage start up or a student interested in building with in-game data?

Partners About Us

A truly data-driven ecosystem can only be created through collaboration.

“With GRID for VALORANT, we found a highly aligned partner who shares Riot’s goals and core values in this space. Additionally, GRID has a tech stack that was a good fit for VALORANT as we were looking to scale quickly. We are excited to work with GRID to democratize access to esports data starting with our launch of the VALORANT Data Portal for professional teams to support their coaching, scouting, and talent evaluation.”
John R. Knauss
Esports Competitive Data Programs, Riot Games
RIOT Games Logotype
“PUBG has been working with GRID since summer 2020 and we have found them easy to work with, diligent in their duty of care to our brand and competition integrity, and proactive in helping us expand on our data strategy. They have proven themselves a highly trustworthy partner who works closely with us to protect our esport, make data available for a wide range of opportunities, and champion the use of data to grow the esport and game as a whole.”
Jungwon Yang
Director of Global Business Development, KRAFTON Inc.
“GRID is one of our most valued partners at WePlay Studios. Leveraging data is critical to the success and security of any esports or gaming event, and GRID is the best in the business. Gaming is our mutual lifeblood, and it’s comforting to know we have a partner as passionate about our industry as we are. I look forward to our future together as we strive to continue innovating and improving.”
Kyle Freedman
Chief Business Officer, WePlay Studios
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