The GRID Data Platform serves the game industry with in-game data infrastructure, data management, and asset distribution solutions.

Built by the passionate gamers with unmatched business expertise in sports data, betting, game development, big tech, and esports to unlock the potential of in-game data for everyone.

GRID is headquartered in Berlin with teams in the US, Poland, Sweden, and China.






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Meet the team

The GRID Founders

Moritz Maurer

CEO & Co-Founder

13 years of experience at the intersection of esports, data, and betting. Founded GGwins, the first UKGC-licensed esports sportsbook, acquired by Genius Sports (NYSE: GENI). For him it all has started with LoL.

Chris King

CTO & Co-Founder

Expert in platform building (eBay, Betgenius) with experience in high-data-throughput systems for critical betting and ecommerce. He's passionate about Starcraft and esports.

Mikael Westerling

CSO & Co-Founder

15+ years experience in sports data and regulated betting. Mikael leverages his traditional sports experience to develop esports-specific solutions. Big CS:GO fan.

The GRIDers

Our team comprises specialists with backgrounds ranging from technology, betting, and entertainment, to esports, mobile, and video games.

From establishing the first esports bookmaker regulated by the UK gambling commission, building our own data-driven mods, launching the first podcast about women in gaming, and previously managing the Fnatic League of Legends professional team to winning industry awards.

We are passionate about gaming and are at the forefront of its innovation.

Charlie Hanley-Nickolls

Chief Procurement Officer

Matthias J. Büchs

Chief Financial Officer

Brittany Patton

Chief People Officer

Tony Payne

General Counsel

Will Thornton

VP of Publishers

Pierre Maraninchi

VP of Operations

Dylan Kim

Senior Business Partner- Korea

Ryan Clarke

Head of Engineering

Dmytro Slupytskyi

Head of DevOps

John Neofotistos

Head of Product

Romet Vinkel

Head of Delivery

Hans Cauwenbergh

Product Solutions Architect

Mark Bate

Senior Partner Solutions Architect

Dominika Szot

Head of Marketing

Luo JingJie

Head of China

Fabian Logemann

Head of Tournaments

Harry Wiggett

Head of Sponsorships

Anna Rychlewska

Head of Accounting

Our Teams