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Get access to in-game data directly from the source. All data available through the official partnerships with the Rights Holders.

“From the data partnership enabling the development of the Pinnacle innovative esports products, to the establishment of the Pinnacle Cup series as the native part of the esports industry. We are excited to work with GRID and as we continue pioneering esports betting solutions and products together.”
Paris Smith
Current Advisor and Former CEO, Pinnacle sports
‘“Integrity encompasses more than just fighting against match-fixing. It entails education, policies, and procedures - a framework that fosters the sustainable growth of any ecosystem. GRID is committed to constructing a fair esports environment with official data at its core. Via their successful partnerships with rights holders, and cutting-edge technology, we see GRID as a natural industry leader and an excellent collaborator in the endeavor to establish new integrity frameworks in esports.”
Scott Sadin
Chief Opareting Officer, US Integrity.
“Korea is a leading country in esports, and our association is striving to establish international standards and to implement data technology that fits its status. Through cooperating with GRID, we look forward to promoting the development of the entire industry based on global esports data.”
Cheolhag Kim
Secretary General, KeSPA
“GRID’s live data feeds and data visualizations have revolutionized the way esports content is experienced by thousands of GosuGamers users. The superb quality of technology and ease of integration, paired with a unique, title agnostic approach allowed us to easily scale to multiple titles while maintaining the best-in-class quality across all of them.”
Samson Oh
Chief Executive Officer, GosuGamers
“GRID is the only esports data company with IBIA accreditation, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of IBIA Data Standards. We acknowledge the GRID Data Platform's advanced technology and the high level of integrity it maintains in esports data. This provides reassurance to parties seeking to utilize the data, ensuring its reliability and accuracy. It is crucial for consumers to have confidence in the integrity of the product, and GRID serves as an exemplary model in prioritizing these principles.”
Khalid Ali
CEO, The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA)
“We' ve been working with GRID since the early days of VIRTEX when we began creating our VR Stadium for CSGO. GRID is truly committed to building a sustainable ecosystem that goes beyond providing esports data to only the pinnacle of the industry (they are doing that great too though!). They also strive to make it accessible to everyone, providing support and guidance to all sorts of innovators in the field. Now, with our focus on VALORANT we are excited to continue working with GRID on bringing new esports data-powered features to our stadium.”
Christoph Ortlepp
Co-Founder & COO, VIRTEX

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The GRID Data Platform offers the title-agnostic solutions to meet the needs of any business.
Fully automated, self-managed account, data visualisations, and easy to integrate data and audio-visual feeds.

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